Friday, July 31, 2015

Japan Day 8 - Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Some of us did some wandering around.  We got a little lost from confusing Shimbishi, Shambuya and Shinagawa stops on the subway.  Even still, we did eventually find our way to the Tokyo Imperial Palace.  The Tokyo Imperial Palace has grand walls, but once you are inside, it really is apparent that the purpose of the palace is to create a calm atmosphere.  The gardens are modest, surrounding a large and open grassy field.  Most of the buildings are also modest compared to what one might expect for something labelled "Imperial Palace".   Entrance is free.

The day was hot, sticky and bright, so I made a special effect to reserve myself to the shade where I could.

Approaching the palace

Guard house

Palace gardens

Locals appear to visit regularly to relax, meet, and even sunbath (modestly) on the grassy field at the center of the Palace gardens.

Observatory (higher ground for a bit of a better view)

Ruins of the major donjon

Famous Guard Tower @ the Forbidden Gate

There's a bit more do the palace than these exterior photos, but every thing seems to be of a modest nature.

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