Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japan Day 7 - Mount Fuji thinks it defeated me, but I got ice cream!

A group of us had a plan to hike up Mount Fuji.  There is a fair amount of preparation necessary for such an endeavor.   You need comfortable hiking shoes, water proof outer clothing, jacket, hiking pants, etc.  You also need to pack a lunch or bring enough money to buy the expensive food on the mountain.  You'll need some money to take care of other business too.  There is a 100 to 200 yen "donation" required for use of the restrooms.

The mountain beckons!

Getting ready for the hike at Station 5.

View on my way up

I made it to Station 7!  Yeah!

I made it to Station 8!  But, my pace was too slow to keep going and still have time to get back to Station 5 in time for transportation. So...

I found the Station 8 bailout point and headed back down the mountain.

The view was nice up there, being above the clouds.

Heading back down

After I got back to civilization....

...I got myself a green tea ice cream, and all was better.  I then waited for the rest of the team to return from the peak.

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