Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Moving Cubes and travelling the state

My company is preparing for a big move into a new larger building not far from its current site. For the first time in a couple of years, everyone will be in one building. I'm looking forward to the move myself. I'm not entirely sure why though. Moving cubes is a pain. The cube size itself is the same as my current one, only without a big column going thru it, so technically my own new cube will be bigger. Other than that, I'll be able to expand out into the walkways just a bit with filing cabinets and stuff.

In other news, I'm working out a plan for May right now, to visit friends and great places all over California. Santa Barbara, off-roading (possibly down south in Monterey County), the woodlands up north, and prolly Monterey itself. Should be fun. All this, and taking no
additional work days off...just taking off every weekend. :) That's the plan, at least.

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