Saturday, April 27, 2002

Interesting Week

This is turning out to be an eventful week. At work, earlier in the week, my boss's boss surprized me with an attaboy...a literal pat on the back. It tripped me out for most of the day. I'm a professional, working in a serious office environment, and attaboys just aren't part of the usual routine. I'm appreciative that he's appreciative of my work, but it was quite unusual. Also, our company is moving into a new larger building, and all of Friday was spent packing up and preparing everything for the movers. All in a month here, I've got a new and a new office. Now I just need a new g/f. lol

Anyways, last night I went out with some friends, Dave, Miriam, Ronie and this co-worker of theirs Stephanie. Cuz Dave can't drink, he's the automatic Double D for the night. So, we all meet up at Paolo's in downtown San Jose, which is on the ground floor at Ronie and Miriam's work (Authur Anderson). The rest of us got our own poisons. Me with the Long Island Iced Tea, Ronie with a Lemon Drop, Miriam with...I can't remember now and Stephanie with her wine and cheese. Afterwards, we went down to this Kareoki bar in Japan Town. Over all, I had a great time, and have that great worn-out-from-the-night-before feeling right now. It's been awhile for me.