Saturday, April 13, 2002

Troubling Neighbors and Answers to unquestionable questions

So far, I've avoided putting too much blog filler in my blog, but hey, this is pretty damn funny >>>  (archived version)To give credit, I found the link in this blog which I might be adding to my blogroll http://sdenjack.bravepages.***/ (removed direct link; site is gone and link is possibly hacked)

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For the first time in my blog, I'm going to get all metaphysical. I won't do it often, so don't hold it against me. hehe Anyways, what is the answer to life, the universe and everything? I'm sure some of you know that the answer is 42, of course. Well, for some reason, that got me thinking recently about why the universe is. (I'm sure Douglas Adams never thought his book would be the catalyst for deep thought, but it is) Since the universe is governed so heavily by numbers, who's to say that the answer to life's great questions aren't really just numbers, or a single number like 42. So, what I came up with is this. The purpose of the Universe is to produce one random number. LOL The number prolly isn't "42" since that doesn't really mean much (as Douglas Adams intended). What is the random number that the Universe is supposed to produce then? The Golden Ratio (or PHI), which calculates roughly to 1.618. Why? This number is all over in nature, from rabbit breeding to our own body. It forms a symmetry and beauty that is everywhere in nature. What does this mean to us? Since the Universe's purpose is to be a random number generator, maybe God isn't so worried about us people following some ancient texts in a particular way. The Universe is designed to work thangs out for itself regardless of what us humans decide to write down on parchment. And, since the Universe has calculated its random number so soon (it's only about 13BY old and has another 250BY to go), maybe we have a free ride to actually enjoy living. ;)

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