Sunday, May 05, 2002

Weekend in May

Well, Friday, Steph stood me up, so I just hung out with my friend Dave and actually caught an episode of Dark Angel. I wish they put that on a better time. oh well. A friend of mine gave me tickets for the Stanford-Cal baseball game on Sat. That was a lot of fun. Stanford won! Yeh! ...not that I truly care other than they were the home team. lol Also caught the Spiderman movie! Highly recommended! Go check it out!!! :) Today, went to the Los Gatos creek trail and walked it for the first workout (yeah I'm using the word loosely lol) I've had in a long time. All this time in the sun is giving me freckles everywhere. lol ok...don't take that statement too literally. :) Good start for a good month I hope.

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