Thursday, April 11, 2002

Trouble with Guys and A Black Tie Affair

Hey Sarah, the trouble with guys is that a lot of us think we are playas when we really aren't. Of course, when more than one girl buys into our smooth lines and sweet talking, then we become a playa. Is your man trying to play ya, girl? Maybe I should create a test for it at one of those test sites, "Is your man a Playa?" :) (Just for the record, personally I'm not a hater, but I also not and let live, ya'no.)

Ok, I'm reporting in to my blog now. :) I was invited to this "Junior Achievement Banquet" tonight by a friend of mine at Arthur Anderson. What's Junior Achievement, I asked. When I first heard it, I that is was some benefit for school athletes for something. lol It's for young people in the region to show them how to be leaders in business. Anyways, it's a black tie affair, and I haven't had a suit since I was a Junior in high school, so I'm not going to make it. The reason my friend brought it up is cuz (as we all know) Arthur Anderson is crumbling, and no partners from the firm are particularly interested in being around a crowd right now. So they offered up the Arthur Anderson table to the staff and managers. I think it's only going to be 4 people in all going. LOL

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