Monday, May 20, 2002

Orange Blossom and Clearlake

Friday night, a bunch of us friends went out to this karioki bar place in Japantown in San Jose. Had a good time. Steph, that chick mentioned before, was there. She was teasing me, but wasn't cool cuz Dave, his g/f, and I had to take off around 11 to be on the road to head over to his father's place near the Manteca area I think. I didn't mind though. lol of course. Anyways, next day we where in some place called Knights Ferry and rafted down river with some friends or co-workers of Dave. It was a lot of fun. But it wasn't "White Water" all that much cuz the river was flowing to high and fast. There was some parts, not much though. After that, we headed over to Clear Lake to his mother's place. Awesome place and increditable view of the lake. Good eating the whole time there too. :) Rounded everything out with a brief stop over for dinner in Napa. Got to watch a lot of movies on the road cuz he's got a portable DVD hooked up in his car. Fun weekend, and restful.

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