Monday, May 13, 2002

Drive into the Hills; Wilderness Sports Car; Freemasons

I started out the day early enough...prolly around 8 or so...and just got in my car and drove, just to see if I could get myself lost. I like doing that once in awhile. I ended up in the hills over looking the Silicon Valley. I don't know exactly where I was at most of the time till I got back down the other side of the hills to the Almeden Reservoir. Didn't get back till like 11, when I went to get my car washed. I felt like that guy in the Acura TL commercial driving the windy backroads...of course, I got the car before that commercial came out, I think. :) Near the top of one of the hills, I ended up in a nature reserve, got out and looked around for awhile. I saw a large hawk or eagle flying at about my level, looking for prey in the tree filled canyon below when I looked one way. when I looked the other, between hill sides, I could make out downtown San Jose, and parts of the valley.

Just as I was leaving, two guys and this hot chick in a professional sports car (sponsorship decals all over) and a ford truck where parked on the side of the road just below me. What the hell was a sports car like that doing in the middle of the wilderness? LOL The chick looked like one of those girls from the hotrod mags. I smiled and waved at the them as I drove by. I caught the girl checking out my car (at the very least) as I drove off. :) Maybe they where up there to take pics of the car for a magazine. Then again, prolly good spots to get any good shots where they were. I thought about asking, "Hey, what's a hot girl like that doing up here?" as a joke to see what kinda reaction I'd get out of the girl when the guys knew I'd be talking about the car. lol I didn't though.

So after all that, I got some Jack-in-the-Box (love those spicy chicken sandwiches), then sat in the sun and read this new book I got about Freemasons and their possible links to history. Nufin exciting? It is an interesting read cuz from the outset, it challenges perceptions of the monotheistic god we all claim to know and love. lol All that reading gave me a mild headache, and by this time it was around 5, so I tuned into the rerun comedies on TV until the Fox Sunday lineup came on. I'm bummed that they took Futurama of the air, damn it. and now, here I am, typing.

Oh, I did update my backpage to use so now I can add links anyone's blogs much faster.

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