Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Out of Trouble

Well, I'm completely in the clear for that truck I totalled (because of a malifunction in the vehicle) back in Jan. I got AAA to reverse the orignal findings of fault. Because I've been involved in 4 accidents within one year period, I had to contact the DMV. Because most of the accidents aren't my fault, I was able to get an over the phone hearing instead of having to go take a driving test out right. So, the hearing went well, and I was cleared of needing testing. YEAH!!! So, all of this started out with a lame ass accident in Nov '01 if you remember, where that Yukon was trying to squeeze by and I bumped into him. jerk. anyways, that lead to me getting the rental truck while the car was in the shop. The car was in the shop longer than it shoulda been, giving me ample time for two accidents with the damn truck. There's actually previous entries in my blog about some of this. Out of all this, it's only going register as 1 or 2 points (I gots to check on the rear-ending if the person claimed injury, which would add one more point) on my driving record. I think I'm lucky it wasn't 5 points. That woulda sucked. Of course, I do have a ticket on my record from over a year ago, so it will push me up to 2 or 3 points total...not leaving me any breathing room for mistakes now...but then again, I've gone for 10 years without any...just gots to do it again. :) ::hoping::

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