Thursday, June 19, 2003

First Sailboat Race / Trouble with Sleep

I was in my first sailboat race last Friday evening. It was a lot of fun. I'm learning the ropes, literally. :) We got into this one situation at the marker where this little sailboat of ours was surrounded on 3 sides by larger boats. That was exciting. Somehow we got thru that without being rammed by the larger boats. We were on a little 20' boat with no name.

During the week, my sleep has been reduced to an average of 8 hours to 5. This is partial because I'm not getting home til midnight every day, but also due to the fact that I wake with the rising of the sun. So if this was winter, I'd be waking up around 7, but right now I'm waking around 5:30am. Don't know how I'm doing so well durning the days. I used to hate losing sleep. I'm enjoying myself without being crazy or going overboard, so it's all good.

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