Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Trouble with Burger King

Ok, so I just officially had my worse Burger King experience ever. It's not a horrible experience, but one that annoys. I decide to hit up Burger King in Sunnyvale just off of 101. It's my lunch break today. After making up my mind, I drive up to the order speaker. I promptly order a large Number 1. That's the Whopper value meal, priced at $4.09. The girl taking my order asks if I want cheeze, and I tell her no cheeze. She asks what I want for a drink, and I tell her Coke. She comes up with a price like $5.60 or something like that. I shrug it off as I drive up, but when I get to the pay window, she repeats the high number. I'm thinking, "Over a dollar in tax for a 4 dollar item?" So I check the order. She had put cheeze on my order. That's like 50 cents or so. She corrects the price to 4.89. I pay it, not really thinking about it again. Cuz of the muck up, I don't get a receipt from her. So, I drive up to the food pick up window. The girl there give me my bag with the Whopper and Fries. I just to make sure it has no cheeze. It doesn't. Then she tries to hand me a low-fat milk as my drink. Huh? All I can do is look at her weird. "Um, large Coke," I tell her. So I get my Coke, and ask for some ketchup. She gives me two packets. I've never had a fast food window only give two packages. After I get back to work, I realize they also didn't put a napkin in the bag. It also hit me that I still prolly paid too much, somehow, since the sales tax on 4.09 should be 34 cents, not 80 cents. Oh well, looks like I can't turn my brain off the next time I go there...sheeze.

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