Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Piracy On the High Seas

I went sailing with a friend Brant here from work. He, and his friends, had three sail boats out Sunday afternoon. His boat is the Spitfire. I was on the boat Double Trouble, skippered by Kevin. I think there was ten people total. We where out sailing in the Alameda area near Jack London Square in Oakland. It was my first time, so I was learning the ropes, literally. There was a video camera out, so any embarrassing moments would be preserved for all time. There's a lot to learn about sailing, and hopefully I can pick up on it quick. The Spitfire was all fixed up and waxed, so (at least to a novice) she looked like she was sailing the best out there.

At one point, the different boats started bombarding each other with grapes and ice. Double Trouble came along side Spitfire and I boarded Spitfire, pelting its crew at point blank range with the grapes. I got stuck on board, but soon escaped back onto Double Trouble with some loot (beers from the cooler), pulling off a daring raid! LOL This prolly isn't something that is going to happen everytime we are out there. Oh, and where was the Coast Guard while this piracy at sea was going on? They where blasting 50 Cent over their intercom system. LOL Everyone was having a blast.

It looks like I'll be able to join up with the racing crew on the Spitfire. Update to come.

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