Monday, June 30, 2003

In-field Babe Ruth

I wasn't bad at sports. I just never really tried. Once in awhile, thangs click when I want something badly enough. There was this one time [at Band Camp LOL] back in high school in PE, the class was playing softball. I wasn't that good at sports, sep I could run fast. Anyways, this one guy on the opposing team was hassling me. He was playing short between first and second. He heckled me, telling me to hit it right at him. He was putting on a good show, punching his fist into his glove. So, I got belligerent and pointed right at him and said, "Alright, you've asked for it! The ball's going right for you!". He then was all, "Alright!" and held his glove like a catcher, waiting for my hit. 

The pitch was made, and I swung, driving the ball right at his glove. I took off for first at full speed. As I was running, I watched the ball hit his glove and drop to the ground. He was so stunted he didn't move until I was almost to first base. Everyone on his team was screaming at him to pick it up! He finally did, but I was safe. Needless to say, I wasn't heckled by anyone for anything again in that class. I'm still not a good softball/baseball player, but ever since then, I am very rarely thrown out at first.

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