Friday, June 27, 2003


Yesterday's game was a heart breaker. The weather was hot, with the wind blowing to in the field and the sun shining directly at the batter. We started off well, scoring 3 runs in the first inning. The opposing team got up to bat and covered our 3 points with some good infield hitting. They scored 4 more runs in the next couple of innings, holding us to just one run. In the sixth inning, we started coming back, but fell one run short.

I struck out my first time up by letting the count fill, then swinging at a high ball. I made up for it later with a shallow shot to right field which got me on base; then a great shoot to center right field. It would been enough to get me to second, but a slow runner was in front of me, who held up at second. Then there was another great shot to center field by Kenny (who was at the top of our line up). The slow runner had enough time to get to home to score the tieing run, but was held up at third, again preventing me from moving more than one base. With bases loaded, we were one run down. The next batter hit an infield grounder past second, allowing the fielder to throw out the runner in a forced out, ending the game.

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