Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hit and Run

Well, I was out having fun with Jenn and some other friends last night in downtown San Jose. We started off at this one classy rest'rant called Paolo's, hanging out and have some good laughs. Their was up to seven of us; two guys and 5 girls. We then headed on down to Toons on Santa Clara street. It's kinda a dive-bar of clubs in San Jose. Played some pool for a little while, but pretty soon everyone was on the dance floor just having a fun time til about midnight (this is a school night for most of us).

When we got out to my car parked on the street, I noticed someone had side swiped my car, screwing up my left fender, mirror, door and other parts. The mirror was just gone. I was bothered by this, but hey, it's done, so just hafta to deal with it. No sense bottling it up or exploding out my stress. Just best to just let it go and not lose any hair over the incident. Despite someone screwing up my car, I still feel the evening was great time.

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