Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Technophile mood

My blog here tends to have moods. Sometimes, I'm telling stories. Other times, I'm ranting. At times, I recount events in my day. I even go into detail about my plans or recent decisions. Then there's the mood where I become a technophile. (Of course, two thangs I rarely talk about is the weather and this blog itself).

Currently, my blog is expressing its technophile mood. ...and here we go again!

The Canon Power Shot SD100 is a great little digital camera! Its very small footprint makes it easy to carry, handle and use. The detail of its photos is great! Navigation thru photos in memory is simple. One thang I hate about digital cameras is that most are just too complex. This one is very simple. The LCD screen on the Canon Power Shot SD100 is very clear and bright. Its voice recording is also clear. I love the fact it uses the SD card memory card to store its photos. This happens to be the same memory card used by my Treo 600 and my HP photograph 4x6 printer! So my camera, Treo 600 and printer can all exchange information within seconds! รข€¦and they can all do this without a computer! Overall, this is an enjoyable product to use.

Thank you Miriam

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