Friday, December 19, 2003

Trouble tonight

Well, tonight's gathering turned out to be both a bit low key and fun. Mostly just drank at the nice rest'rant after Miriam's office Xmas happy hour party. Thangs started off pretty well, til everyone moved outside. The fun started with one of the heater gas lamps caught fire. It was like the fire was on fire, smokin up the place and looking pretty dangerous. We finally got smart enough to turn it off and try to use the other one, cep the other one wasn't working all that well.

Then, some of the girls started talking about starting up a phone sex hot line. I volunteered my sexy voice to the line too. Things proceeded quite rapidly and down hill after that. The tone went from PG13 to Mature in a matter of minutes. One of the women there had been drinking for 7 hours straight. She was not only drunk but highly horny and willing. Wearing a tiny red tank top that already showed her ample D cup cleavage and 2 sizes too small jeans she was the center of attention and she made it a point to keep it that way. She quickly got EVERYONE'S attention when she decided to flash her tits and her ass to the many senior citizens that were coming out of the NUTCRACKER play.

At that moment we all thought there would've been an indecent exposure complaint. But that wasn't the last time her bosom and her bum were exposed in the space of an hour. We saw it at least 6 times in a row, EACH! All in all it was an interesting night...mmmm D Cups!

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