Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Trouble with CDs and online music alike!

The people who are geared to selling music CDs just do not seem to understand that consumers' buying habits are changing rapidly.   Additionally, it is pretty obvious that CDs are way over priced. Too many customers have seen DVD movies (which have millions of dollars in production costs) selling for less than the average mundane CD (which often have production costs less than $100,000). How long do recording companies think they could hold their prices so high?!

The prices for music online are just as ridiculous! One dollar per song is just too much! At that price, the average albums would cost $8 to $15. There's no manufacturing cost to justify this price! This is just as high as the CDs!!! wtf??

The whole recording industry is lost right now. Here's my advice:

  • Music CD's in the store should sell for $4.99 to $6.99, depending on the artist, quality, and number of songs on the CD. CDs will eventually be replaced anyway with online music anyway.
  • Online music should sell for 15 to 50 cents per song, again depending on the artist and quality.

That's it.

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