Thursday, January 15, 2004

Car getting fixed or Man, I'm hairy!

Ok, so my car is getting fixed. It's been in the shop since last Thursday. That's great, cuz it's getting fixed finally, right? Well, I left my travel bag in the trunk of my car. In my travel bag, I left my electric shaver. So, I haven't shaved since the previous weekend. I'm looking like a redbearded santa claus right now. All this fur feels funny. I don't feel comfortable about fixing up my hear as long as I have this beard thang going on, so I've been wearing my cap the whole time too, grubbin. I might get my car back tomorrow evening.

Why don't I just use a razor? I tried, but my hair has already gotten too long and I don't have anyway of trimming it right now. Well, at least my car will be fixed up and looking nice. :)

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