Saturday, January 03, 2004

New Years and Spiced Long Island Iced Teas

This New Years was Crazy Crazy at my friend's place. I was making tons of Spiced Long Island Iced Teas As far as I know right now, it's my invention, but who knows. They are made with 2oz Vodka, 2oz triple sec, 2oz Morgon's Spiced Rum, 2oz Gin, 2oz Sour Mix and splashed with Coke. You should see the pictures I got of our friends' and neighbors' drunk-asses. lol Ok, no one was having sex in the living room, but... ::clears throat:: ... well, it was a great time! Man, I love my new digital camera. Anyways, I was too drunk to drive home from the party, so me and my g/f made a bed on her floor and passed out around 4am after everyone cleared out. My friend woke up with a nasty hang over, but as usual, I did not. ;) Damn fun.
P.S., yes, there definitely some mixed couple and girl-on-girl activities ...shhhh

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