Thursday, January 08, 2004

Trouble with the movie Paycheck

Ok, the trouble with the movie Paycheck is that Ben Affleck was the leading actor. This man just doesn't know how to act. He's been acting since we was a kid. Check this out: Voyage of the Mimi. Why hasn't he learned? Oh well.
Paycheck was a great concept and even a good story. But the movie itself was dragged down by Ben's lack of performance. This movie would've been 100 times better if they had cast someone like Ethan Hawk or Colin Farrell or even made the leading role a woman. Oh, and the love story part of the movie was forced. As good as Uma's acting was, she's just too busy trying to be hot to be believable as a scientist. Remember Dennis Richards as the nuclear scientist Bond Girl? Well, Uma's acting makes her mismatched role only slightly better. Ok, I do know some scientists are hot woman in real life, but they are generally to busy and professional to spend their daytime trying to look hot while they are working. This movie is marginally good. It's redeeming qualities are the action and convoluted plot device that somehow works despite the miscasting.

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