Saturday, January 03, 2004

Man, another crazy nite out

Ok, last night, more fun, this time out on the town. Miriam, a couple of her neighbors and I went out dancing at this one pub in downtown Mountain View around 10:30pm. No one was out on the dance floor so, at various times, we headed out to have our own fun. Miriam was attracting attention as usual. This one guy sent his friend over to get her number, but she's all, "Why doesn't he come over and ask himself?" and the friend said the guy wasn't sure if she had a boyfriend and didn't want to cause any trouble. Well, of course that didn't go anywhere in favor of that guy. Him and his friends were checking her out most of the night. Finally, Miriam heads out on a smoke brake and walks by that guy, stokes his shaved head and pulls his cap off...throwin it on the dance floor. She gives him an impish grin and walks on. All of a sudden, all these girls start congregating at the spot of the incident. Apparently, the guy's g/f was right there. The g/f's girlfriends then follow Miriam out to confront her. So, I hafta follow as well to front in case some trouble started. The girls finally settled thangs down after 15 minutes, but the guy's g/f never confronted Miriam herself. Finally everyone went back in. We started dancing again, but those girls were all trying to clown on Miriam, but not very effectively. Miriam and her neighbor started dancing all hot with either other in some lesbo style grinding, and I saw those other chicks trying to keep up, but couldn't. They took off finally, and Miriam had her victory. lol People wonder why I'm friends with Miriam. Well, cause sometimes it's just fun to sit back and watch her work her magic.

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