Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Imelda...Drinking...and girls' hair

Ok...lots of topics today. ...first...Trouble...I'm having trouble with AOL today...ok...on to the stories.
As some of you new visitors know, I met up with Imelda on Sunday. She's really cool. Met up at the BookShop in downtown Santa Cruz and looked over some of her photography. We did head down for pizza, after the usual spur-of-the-moment "whadda you wanna eat" conversation for a few minutes. :) The weather was just about perfect...very sunny, not too hot, not cold at all, so we eat outside. Talked for awhile downtown. Met a friend of hers at one of the shops down there. Some of the wall ordainments looked, well, suggestive. So I made a suggestion on what they were for, and preceded to demonstrate. The girls seemed a bit taken back..but I promise I wasn't doing anything offensive! I swear. just was pretty funny.
Over at West Cliff, we hung out for awhile. You can read about some of that over here on her site. We had a good time.

In other news... I am definitely not an alcoholic. I'm feeling a bit down emotionally the past few days...not sure why or anything. So, I just went to fridge and the Goldschlager popped out at me. I normally don't drink alone or even at home, but I thought, hey, why not...so I pull it out, and it is all sticky from drips that dried on the side. I get a wet papertowel and clean it off, pick it up and put it back in the fridge. As I'm opening the fridge, I'm thinking, "Wasn't I planning on having some of this a second ago?" lol

Ok...there was a comment left about my hair reference in my likes. Here's the explanation. I like hair that is taken care of on a woman. As long as the style looks well managed and complements her well, I'll like it and find it attractive. For example, I like the bob-cut because it brings out the neck...a favorite body part of mine. :) I like long curly hair cuz it's really sexy on its own. I like long straight hair cuz it forms and fits and flows and nice to stroke. I could literally go on for a page like this. :)

::takes a breath:: any questions? :)

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