Saturday, June 08, 2002

Long week of fun

I haven't been online since Tuesday. Man, what is wrong with me. oh...that's right, I'm having a life. lol Hung out with my friend Dave his g/f on Weds. Nufin much to talk about there sep went to play pool. I met up with my friend Michelle Thurs. We hung out and played videos games and stuff. Had a good time. Friday, I went out with Miriam and Dave and Ronie and the rest of the gang to Gordon B. in San Jose and then to Bamboo 7. I could fill this blog with all the stuff that went on, but eh, it's prolly not for public consumption. lol Let's just say, I've been having a good time all week!

Going to chill this weekend. Next weekend, a bunch of us are heading up to Napa Valley for a big getaway weekend. I'm looking forward to it!

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