Saturday, June 01, 2002


Well, I got home around 6:00, laid down for a minute at the end of my bed. Next thang I know, I'm flat on my back, rightways in my bed and it's dark. A minute later the phone rings, and it's Miriam telling me about this guy she's loosing interest in. I go to the living room and notice it's 10pm. It was quite disorientating for a couple of minutes. After I got off the phone with Miriam, I got online, but nufin interesting going on there in the chatrooms on a friday night of course, so around 1am I got in my car and drove a bit...but it was too late to do after a bit I went home, laid down on my bed and then woke up at 8am this morning. I came into work to pick up some personal stuff. If you hang out with me often enough, you notice that I always forget driving directions and events information at work Friday and hafta go back early Sat morning to pick it up. I even did it on the big Valentines vacation two years ago with an ex. How boneheaded is that? LOL

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