Friday, June 21, 2002

"Soccer, the UnAmerican Sport", copyright 1997 Matthew Lorono :)

I'm glad the U.S. lost to Germany, and I hope it continues to lose regularly in the FIFA World Cup. The last thang America needs is for soccer to gain in popularity here. The biggest threat to keeping soccer unpopular is a successful U.S. team. Do we really need another sport popularized here? No. Many have tried. There's even attempts at variations on popular sports, like the XFL or Arena Football. Has anyone been to an Arena Football game? I did once...keyword ONCE. American (and by American, I mean the U.S. and Canada) sports have more action, more scoring, more defensive opportunities, more intelligence and more strength, and even bravery. Ever see two soccer players intentionally run into each other at a full sprint? It happens intentionally almost every play in Football. It happens in Baseball in the big plays. As far a intelligence goes, Baseball is played at multiple levels of strategy, requiring physical skill to implement. Football and Basketball too. Soccer? Well, there is some, but if you really know Baseball and Football, there is not comparisons at all. Hockey? The action in that game beats all! Of course, trying to keep up with the position of the puck isn't that easy at times.

Ok, who watches Golf? LOL

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