Monday, April 14, 2003

I updated the blog and utter stuff

This weekend, I spent a couple of hours updating my blog a little bit. I added some links to the right for reference. I have found that these links have been useful to me at some point, so I share them with the world! :) Also cleaned up some of the site's code. Been having trouble with Blog*Spot Plus since I upgraded, so I'm still not really using it. I'm sure I'll get it sorted out soon enough.

Also spent a few hours at Netopolis playing battlefield 1942. ::zoning:: Lol

Had a good time hanging out with my friend Alice on Sunday. Saw Phone Booth, but missed the Simpsons. oh well. The movie was a fun little short movie that was almost like a simple Twillight Zone movie but with a gun instead of a sci-fi element. Pretty good. Not on my list of movies that will be in my DVD collection though.

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