Friday, April 18, 2003

Waiting to Exhale

Just here at my friend Miriam's place, waiting waiting for her to get her*self out of the shower and ready to go out. So her friend Jennifer is here from Florida telling me about this threesome that a "friend" of hers had in a truck on the beach one time. Very interesting. She wants to move here...don't know why. She is not Satan's Spawn though ...she's working for T-Mobile, but she ain't a tellamarketeer. Now she's reading what I'm writing as I'm writing it. Making me think to hard about what to say next. LOL

Going out to Downtown Mountain View tonight. Might have my cuz and her man come out, gots Miriam and Jennifer, and another buddy from work for pool, drinking and shit. Sunday I head out to Reno. The drive should be interesting...hoping to avoid the snow. In Reno, I'm going to get a couple of free vacations from those time-share bums...and have a good time.