Monday, April 07, 2003

Trouble with "Under God" - "In God We Trust"

Well, I believe in god, but I don't believe it has any place in government. Just look at the Middleeast now, and also to the Dark Ages in Europe. Using god to govern leads to oppression cuz it always comes down to a human's individual superstitions being enforced by force over another's views. We have no right to enforce our beliefs on anyone, atheists included, regardless of how small the act is. It’s not even historically part of our heritage to use terms referring to god on money or in the pledge. It is an abomination added by a select few in the 1950's, who's posterity now pretend its been there all along. Those people who don't believe in the god mentioned in the pledge know who they are (atheists or people of non-christian religions), and they know it isn't inclusive of their beliefs. This is the problem with using the god terms in government.

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