Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Yesterday errands

Wow I got a lot done yesterday. I took the day (Tax Day) off from work to take care of errands and stuff.

It started off with picking my friend up for her dealership in the morning after she dropped off her new car for due bill work.

Then I got a hair stylist appointment and got my hair taken care of. I then headed down to the Post office (a secret one that is never too busy, even on Tax Day) to mail off my tax returns certified mail.

Then got my passport photo made. I need to find my birth certificate before I can start the process for my passport now...but at least I have this detail taken care of.

Then I picked up my friend from her work to take her back to the dealership to pick up her car. Before the car was ready, we ate a late lunch at Spoons.

After waiting with her for her car at the dealership, I took off to take my shirt from my company's softball team to put numbers on the back just for the hell of it, just so I can be a bit different from everyone else on the team. :)

I got home around 6:00pm just in time to catch the Simpsons in the evening, but too late for softball practice. Our first game is Thursday, but I think I'm ready cuz now I have numbers on the back of my team shirt. j/k

::takes a breath:: ok, back to work today.

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