Sunday, April 06, 2003

Trouble with ...oh hell with it

Been pretty busy this week with work in the day and hanging out with friends on various nights. However, I am keeping an eye on the war too. It almost seems like a Wag the Dog meets Monty Python with a flavour of Saturday Night Live. I recommend watching Wag the Dog if you haven't seen it already. It was meant as a critism of Clinton, but it seems even more appropriately applied to Bush II. Monty Python bits would be Saddam himself, with the goofy coke bottle glasses and his opening "graphics" which look like he ripped off directly from the Monty Python show. The Saturday Night Live part is because it looks as though its all supposed to be funny, but ends up being very boring and putting everyone to sleep.

Oh, on to what I've been up to. Having fun. Last night hung out with my friends in downtown Campbell. Turned about to be more fun than I thought, but not cause we were, but cuz we just had a fun time hanging out.

Right now, I'm at a place called "Netopolis" for online gaming. I don't have a working computer at my place anymore, so I do it here or use my work computer off hours at work. It's actually pretty liberating. Instead of spending all my time online, I do random stuff like head out of town on a whim, or take care of business that I'd never bother with. Even though I pay for my time, it's still cheaper than having my own broadband access and computer (like $20 a month verses maybe $60 for computer payments plus $40 for highspeed internet.

Have fun!

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