Thursday, April 10, 2003

Thank God

Ever hear this at a ball game? "I thank God for our win today, without him, it wouldn't be possible." Do they really think God was helping out? I mean, is this like Angels in the Outfield where a bunch of angels got nothing better to do than help a sorry-ass team to cheat in order to win? What is God more worried about, a fleeting little sports event that doesn't even show up as a stat on the books OR your eternal soul? HMM. lol And you never hear this "You know, I was playing flawlessly, in top form in our game today. My teammates where playing at their peaks as well. We lost cuz God wasn't holding up his end." LOL

I just wrote this on another blog's comments cuz I found the guy had pet perves about most of the words and phrases. I thought it was pretty funny by its own right so I'm adding it here. I even added another couple of words to top it off: BTW, aks my friend about this and she's all "it should count ekspecially in Washington D.C." :Supposably it does," I told her. She looked acrosst at me and asked "What about libarys in nuculur power plants?" "As long as you warsh up afterwards, it should be ok," I replied. She was like all discussed or something and hopped into her jagwire or "jag-YOO-ar" to sound fancy and took off to get some expresso. Irregardless, I think she was wrong, but hey, same difference, right?

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