Monday, February 16, 2004


To start off the V-Day weekend, Miriam, another friend, my g/f and myself meet up at the Tied House in downtown San Jose for a drink, then headed out to the Beehive Club. Yikes. Kinda funny, I'm like bringing in three girls into this getto-ass place, being the pimp daddy an all. LOL We ended up at the Agenda, who's crowd wasn't much improved. I hope this was because it was V-Day weekend, cuz if its this bad all the time in downtown SJ, I'm prolly not going to bother going back for dancing. However, it was a fun night.
The next day was perfect. First, I told me g/f that we'd meet up at her place around 11am. It ended up being more like 1pm cuz it took me longer than I thought to get everything together. To get her out of her house (and save time too), I asked her to get the food for the picnic I planned. So I get to her place while she was out and placed the vase I bought her on the dining table with a picnic basket and wine. She shows up a bit later. I surprized her at the door with a dozen big red South American roses and showed her the vase. She loved it all. She surprized me with a sweet card and a nice present.
We packed up the food for the picnic and head to this park next to Freeway 17 between Los Gatos and Campbell. It was romantically sweet and simple. After we ate, we walked around a bit, then got back to the car and headed to downtown Los Gatos for this little movie theater that's never crowded. We got tickets for the 4:45 showing 50 First Dates. Then we walked around, window shopping for about an hour.
Finally, we got back to the theater, but they were late in opening the room, so she went to the restroom. The place was pretty empty at that point. A bunch of younger teenage girls showed up for the movie. When my g/f got out of the restroom, she caught a glimpse of some of the girls "trying to hit on me." (her words). I don't think they were really trying to hit on me, but it's just funny saying it that way. :) The movie was pretty good. The room was only about half full. It made for a more laid back movie-going experience perfect for an easy going V-Day.
We headed to her place to get ready for diner at Scott's Seafood at 9:30pm. Diner was very pleasant, with good food and great company. ;) Later that night we feel asleep in each other's arms.

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