Monday, November 15, 2004

Thangs come in threes

Well, I've have a fairly frustrating month so far.
First, my computer crashes at work. I need my computer to function fully. IT didn't give me back my system for for quite some time. I was kicking co-workers out of their cubes to I can get my stuff done from time to time. (exaggeration)
Second, someone uses my account information to steal all of my money at some hacked ATMs in Pakistan. What a mess!
Third, my g/f and I are on a break. I've been having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye on some issues. We are working through these items, but are on a break to make sure we both have time to come to terms with these differences. I love her either way.
I'm not outwardly affected, but these frustrating events all happening at once are taking a toll on me.

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