Sunday, February 25, 2007

Every House Has a Maker

Did a god make our world? I must admit that I know that every house has a maker. A lot of work goes into making a house. A house is built by humans, using processes developed by humans, with materials discovered and formed by humans. We make houses to serve as shelter for our population. What does this say about how Earth came into being?
Well in nature, we do not see such an effort being made. In nature, everything is random. Houses don’t just come into being by themselves. If this Earth was created by a nurturing and carrying god, one of the main things one should expect is that all of humanity's corporeal needs are directly addressed. For example, if an average person today was dropped into the middle of the wilderness without supplies, most persons would not be able to survive. Another example, people who raise animals feed that animal, groom it, raise it, protect it, provide companionship to it, and even clean up after its dirty business. Imagine what would happen if a cat owner didn’t clean the litter box. Yuk! Yet, this world doesn’t do any of that for us. We have to find our own food. We have to cook our own meals. We have to build the houses we live in and the cars we drive in. We even have to wipe our own asses.
Bottom line, where there is a house, there is indeed a maker. Where there is no house, there is certainly no maker.

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