Sunday, February 10, 2008

So far, so

My cuzin Les has been bugging to do sumfin with her for awhile now. We live in the same general metropolis for a few years, but haven't had a good chance to just hang out other than at family events and whatever. We made arrangements to meet up last Friday. Thoses plans fell through at the last minute. Instead, we met up this Friday. Even that got pushed out to later in the night. We ended up meeting up around 9pm, had a later dinner at Pizza Antica at Santana Row. The quality of food at Pizza Antica has been slowly been going downhill. I'll save that review for another day. It was nice to just chill and chat though.

Allie and I hadn't been out to a desent place for awhile, so I figured last night we'd hit up Straits, also at Santana Row. We were actually both impressed with the quality of food there. Its funny how much we end up talking about work, even over a nice dinner. We had also planned to goto the movies, maybe to see National Treasure. Nothing is out that is all that interesting right now, and National Treasure was more a compromise than an actual desired choice, so we changed our minds, hit up Blockbuster and watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and The Quiet.

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