Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Toebzilla's first Cape Cod Adventure

Allie and I went to Cape Cod this past Sunday, and we brought along Toebzilla.  We ended up a Nauset Light Beach, which is dog friendly.  It's been a long time since Toebzilla has been to any beach, so the adventure was like new to him.

After settling near the water, I walked with him to the edge of the surf.  A little nervous, he moved towards the small waves as though he intended to take on the entire Atlantic Ocean himself.  He watched a tiny wave or two before he figured out the timing.  When the next tiny wave rolled up, he pounced on it and attempted to nip at it.  Instead, he got a mouth full of salty water and splashed up to his knees.  At that moment, he decided he had enough of the Ocean, and preferred sunbathing on the beach towel instead.

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