Friday, March 18, 2016

Deep highschooler discussion

Recently, I attended a software user group meeting, whose meeting was in the machine shop in a local high school.  It was long after school hours, however that didn't mean kids weren't still hanging around.  As I approached the entrance, there was a small group of kids hanging out nearby.  All of a sudden, one of the boys rather loudly blurts out something to the effect, "Wow, it's now been two years since I broke up with [whatever her name was]."  One of the girls immediately corrects him saying, "It's been one year since you guys broke up."  The boy iterated that it was now two years.

This conversation went back and forth like this as I walked past.  Hopefully I was not shaking my head too obviously at the pure pointlessness of this high school discussion.  Not that I care, but I wasn't able to ascertain whether or not the boy was lamenting the two year severance, or happy about it.  If he was happy about it, why was he so focused...oh, dang it.  I'm now thinking about this more than I ever intended.  I'm done with this.

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