Monday, July 12, 2021

The Ice Dragon and the Blue Rose, Second Edition is now available!

At long last, the Second Edition of my book, The Ice Dragon and the Blue Rose is now available.  The book has been refreshed to use current common practices for ebook organization; and, well, spelling and grammar fixes.  

This is a "Decide My Quest" story that allows you to choose how you wish to experience your quest.  This is an awesome reimaging of 2nd person and interactive storying telling.  Your choices allow you to see the same story from multiple (and sometimes opposing) perspectives.  I loved making this story and even rereading it!  The story contains multiple dead-ends and multiple success endings.  Check it out!

I hope to make more of these types of stories in the future, as time allows.  It's a fairly complex process to write these, but the results are great!

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