Monday, February 16, 2004


To start off the V-Day weekend, Miriam, another friend, my g/f and myself meet up at the Tied House in downtown San Jose for a drink, then headed out to the Beehive Club. Yikes. Kinda funny, I'm like bringing in three girls into this getto-ass place, being the pimp daddy an all. LOL We ended up at the Agenda, who's crowd wasn't much improved. I hope this was because it was V-Day weekend, cuz if its this bad all the time in downtown SJ, I'm prolly not going to bother going back for dancing. However, it was a fun night.
The next day was perfect. First, I told me g/f that we'd meet up at her place around 11am. It ended up being more like 1pm cuz it took me longer than I thought to get everything together. To get her out of her house (and save time too), I asked her to get the food for the picnic I planned. So I get to her place while she was out and placed the vase I bought her on the dining table with a picnic basket and wine. She shows up a bit later. I surprized her at the door with a dozen big red South American roses and showed her the vase. She loved it all. She surprized me with a sweet card and a nice present.
We packed up the food for the picnic and head to this park next to Freeway 17 between Los Gatos and Campbell. It was romantically sweet and simple. After we ate, we walked around a bit, then got back to the car and headed to downtown Los Gatos for this little movie theater that's never crowded. We got tickets for the 4:45 showing 50 First Dates. Then we walked around, window shopping for about an hour.
Finally, we got back to the theater, but they were late in opening the room, so she went to the restroom. The place was pretty empty at that point. A bunch of younger teenage girls showed up for the movie. When my g/f got out of the restroom, she caught a glimpse of some of the girls "trying to hit on me." (her words). I don't think they were really trying to hit on me, but it's just funny saying it that way. :) The movie was pretty good. The room was only about half full. It made for a more laid back movie-going experience perfect for an easy going V-Day.
We headed to her place to get ready for diner at Scott's Seafood at 9:30pm. Diner was very pleasant, with good food and great company. ;) Later that night we feel asleep in each other's arms.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Finally, after a couple of months a long requests, Blogger has fixed a problem with my site

Arg. For the longest time, some of my pictures hosted on in my ftp space weren't showing up. In the past, technical assistance has been great, but now tech support seems to be in over their head. I had to repeatedly state my problem in over five separate help requests before finally realized the problem was at their end. Finally, I had to do my own experimenting to identify the problem before they were able to figure it out and fix it. Lame. If wasn't so convenient, I'd move my blog to another site right now.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Update for Treo 600 Sprint PCS

Finally, SprintPCS has fully functional SMS messaging. About time! Treo600sms is no longer necessary. I've compare the native SprintPCS SMS application with and without Treo600sms. It works much faster without Treo600sms now. So, to all Treo 600 SprintPCS users, you no longer need Treo600sms or any third party software for SMS'ing. Yah!

Monday, January 26, 2004

With this recent admission from the White House...

The White House is now backing down from it's claim that Iraq had stockpiles of WMD. As much as I didn't believe all of President Bush II's lines, I did believe some. None of President Bush II's statements about Saddam have panned out, and many have been refuted. Too many American and Iraq lives have been lost. U.S. Government credibility is shot to hell on the world stage. The lie that Iraq had WMD is too great to ignore. It's time to seek President Bush II's impeachment. :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Essential Software for your Treo 600, update

To get the most out of your Treo 600, these additional software packages are necessary.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS : Enables your device to view PDF files. The package also has a program that allows you to print from several programs to a fax machine, among other things.

pTunes or Pocket Tunes: Plays MP3 files from SD Cards. You can install various skins to change its look too.

QuickOffice : Open, view and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel native formats.

Snappermail : POP3 email software that handles file attachments. This software package also includes a program for handling and creating ZIP files.

TreoSMS600 : For SprintPCS Treo 600 only, this allows full SMS functionality. Why does Sprint not allow this without third party software right now? I dunno. But given the fact that SprintPCS's CDMA network has twice the speed of GSM networks of the other carriers, I don't mind too much. Update: Sprint has fallen even farther behind schedule on getting their SMS fully functioning. So I continue to just use this application with flawless execution.

VeriChat : Enables you to chat on AOL, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ instant messaging all at once. It also allows you to keep these IM sessions open on standby 24/7.

Skinner 2.0: Let's you change your dialpad and favorites screens with different skins.

mLights: Let's you control screen brightness and disable keyboard backlighting.

Useful Palm OS and Treo links:

Woohoo! Nearly clean race

Damn, it felt good to have a nearly clean sailboat race with the Spitfire. We managed stay ahead of most of the fleet. The Spitfire is one of the slowest boats in the race, so for us to actually finish head of most of the other boats is very very bad for the other boats because of handicapping. This is a nice recovery from the previous race.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Car getting fixed or Man, I'm hairy!

Ok, so my car is getting fixed. It's been in the shop since last Thursday. That's great, cuz it's getting fixed finally, right? Well, I left my travel bag in the trunk of my car. In my travel bag, I left my electric shaver. So, I haven't shaved since the previous weekend. I'm looking like a redbearded santa claus right now. All this fur feels funny. I don't feel comfortable about fixing up my hear as long as I have this beard thang going on, so I've been wearing my cap the whole time too, grubbin. I might get my car back tomorrow evening.

Why don't I just use a razor? I tried, but my hair has already gotten too long and I don't have anyway of trimming it right now. Well, at least my car will be fixed up and looking nice. :)

Friday, January 09, 2004

Hewlett-Packard HP huh??

What a laugh. HP (HPQ) is truly lost. They are refocusing their efforts on consumer goods NOW? I thought Carly's big argument two years ago was that they were becoming a consulting firm? With the exception of printers, HP doesn't know how to design consumer goods anymore. They are always coming up with products that are too bulky, too expensive and that show up too late on the market. HP management must be the overlords of Dilbert hell, cuz they've made there corporate cluelessness into an artform.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Trouble with the movie Paycheck

Ok, the trouble with the movie Paycheck is that Ben Affleck was the leading actor. This man just doesn't know how to act. He's been acting since we was a kid. Check this out: Voyage of the Mimi. Why hasn't he learned? Oh well.
Paycheck was a great concept and even a good story. But the movie itself was dragged down by Ben's lack of performance. This movie would've been 100 times better if they had cast someone like Ethan Hawk or Colin Farrell or even made the leading role a woman. Oh, and the love story part of the movie was forced. As good as Uma's acting was, she's just too busy trying to be hot to be believable as a scientist. Remember Dennis Richards as the nuclear scientist Bond Girl? Well, Uma's acting makes her mismatched role only slightly better. Ok, I do know some scientists are hot woman in real life, but they are generally to busy and professional to spend their daytime trying to look hot while they are working. This movie is marginally good. It's redeeming qualities are the action and convoluted plot device that somehow works despite the miscasting.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Sailboat racin'

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! This Sunday, the Spitfire crew had its first race in months, and of course, first race of the year. We were a bit rusty, but still doing pretty good...until we hit a literal snag. The Spitfire got hung up on a two lined buoy that caught around the keel. Damn it! What the hell is a buoy doing with two lines? It took us a ton of time to figure out what happened and them to get the Spitfire free. Amazingly though, once free, we practically caught up with the rest of the boats. We still finished DFL, but given our detail and how close we caught up, I think we have a chance of winning the series. Of course, this makes the second time in as many times that we ran into something during the race. arg.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Man, another crazy nite out

Ok, last night, more fun, this time out on the town. Miriam, a couple of her neighbors and I went out dancing at this one pub in downtown Mountain View around 10:30pm. No one was out on the dance floor so, at various times, we headed out to have our own fun. Miriam was attracting attention as usual. This one guy sent his friend over to get her number, but she's all, "Why doesn't he come over and ask himself?" and the friend said the guy wasn't sure if she had a boyfriend and didn't want to cause any trouble. Well, of course that didn't go anywhere in favor of that guy. Him and his friends were checking her out most of the night. Finally, Miriam heads out on a smoke brake and walks by that guy, stokes his shaved head and pulls his cap off...throwin it on the dance floor. She gives him an impish grin and walks on. All of a sudden, all these girls start congregating at the spot of the incident. Apparently, the guy's g/f was right there. The g/f's girlfriends then follow Miriam out to confront her. So, I hafta follow as well to front in case some trouble started. The girls finally settled thangs down after 15 minutes, but the guy's g/f never confronted Miriam herself. Finally everyone went back in. We started dancing again, but those girls were all trying to clown on Miriam, but not very effectively. Miriam and her neighbor started dancing all hot with either other in some lesbo style grinding, and I saw those other chicks trying to keep up, but couldn't. They took off finally, and Miriam had her victory. lol People wonder why I'm friends with Miriam. Well, cause sometimes it's just fun to sit back and watch her work her magic.

New Years and Spiced Long Island Iced Teas

This New Years was Crazy Crazy at my friend's place. I was making tons of Spiced Long Island Iced Teas As far as I know right now, it's my invention, but who knows. They are made with 2oz Vodka, 2oz triple sec, 2oz Morgon's Spiced Rum, 2oz Gin, 2oz Sour Mix and splashed with Coke. You should see the pictures I got of our friends' and neighbors' drunk-asses. lol Ok, no one was having sex in the living room, but... ::clears throat:: ... well, it was a great time! Man, I love my new digital camera. Anyways, I was too drunk to drive home from the party, so me and my g/f made a bed on her floor and passed out around 4am after everyone cleared out. My friend woke up with a nasty hang over, but as usual, I did not. ;) Damn fun.
P.S., yes, there definitely some mixed couple and girl-on-girl activities ...shhhh

Last Weekend

My g/f and I spent the weekend in Monterey. We had a great time, just the two of us. I loved being able to show her around places she hadn't been before. We also spend a day up in San Francisco at the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers and then the music played and played, a techno beat that hypnotized me Oh, sorry, I'm on my friend's computer and she just started playing a techno CD that she just burned. Ok, back to the story. After perfect day in SF, we spent the afternoon in China Town and prolly did a bit more shopping that we needed too. :) It's great being able to spend some real together time with my g/f. My work is shut down between Xmas and New Years which certainly helped that.