Thursday, February 28, 2002

Blind Dates Emperium

My friend Miriam calls me up today at work, "What are you doing tonight?" That was an opener for an invitation to be a chaperon, along with our friend Ronie, for her blind date she got off of a matchdate site. They are picking me up, and she'll be meeting this guy at Dave & Buster's in Milpitas. I'm going to kick Ronie's ass at Skeeball (I'm planning on you reading this, Ronie LOL). I love playing Battletech there. It's somewhat expensive, but it is a lot of fun to frag your friends first hang from a robot cockpit! It's not not having to be the "DD" tonight too. I used to always have to be DD long ago, and it's fine sometimes, but a drag if all the time. 

 BTW, Stoddard's (backup) in downtown Campbell is now open! It was supposed to open in Spring of 2001. When they were building it, the sign out front said "Coming Spring of 2001!". When spring ended, and it wasn't built yet, they whited out the Spring of part, so it read "Coming ........ 2001". Then when 2001 ended without it opening, they just leave the sign up. LOL It's finally open now! Cool place...not too cramped, with a full service bar and basically the same menu as the Stoddard's in downtown Sunnyvale.

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