Friday, April 21, 2006

I got an old camera working

I've lost an really cool camera a couple years ago. It was a digital Canon. I loved it. But even before that camera, I had others. One is this old Advantix thang. It's never been lost, but I've kinda lost track of it since I don't use it. I ran across it today. It's the only camera I got these days, and I prolly only have it cuz it's the one I stopped using before. I didn't stop using cuz its usefulness of expired though. The camera's flash is one of those hide-a-way ones. There's really no reason that it is a hide-a-way, but some engineer at Minolta musta thought it would be a good idea. Pointless for sure. Anyways, the automatic mechanism that pops the flash out stopped working years ago. When I use it at night or in-doors, I have to remember to pop the flash out manually before the camera will take a shot. Ghetto, huh? What's even more ghetto is that if I do use it, I actually have to go to the store to process the pictures.

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