Sunday, January 24, 2010

Timeline of Dave's weekend visit (as told via Twitter)

  • Just picked up @shadu11 @ SJC 9:36 PM Jan 22nd
  • Dinner w/ wife and @shadu11 @ St. Johns 9:37 PM Jan 22nd
  • Lunch @ #crepevine in #Burlingame w/ @shadu11. Y is it so hard to find good NorCal/Napa style casual eats in NorCal? 1:47 PM Jan 23rd
  • Had a great dinner w/ wife, her friend and @shadu11 @ #Cascal in downtown #mountainview last night. about 19 hours ago
  • Breakfast at Lou's in #losgatos. It's hard to find good mom and pop breakfast places nowadays
  • Fun @ GoKart Racer w/ @shadu11 today. about 19 hours ago
  • Discovered a gaming cyber cafe in Mt. View today...I thought most of those went outta business years ago @shadu11 about 19 hours ago
  • Great #pekingduck @ #chefchus in #losaltos w/ @shadu11 8:42 PM Jan 23rd
  • #ButchBradley was hilarious at #roostertfeathers in #sunnyvale last nite w/ @shadu11 #fb #standupcomedy 12:30 AM Jan 24th
  • Bin too long since I had fresh #Krispykreme, @shadu11 about 4 hours ago
  • Late lunch follows late breakfast @ #happihouse in #sjjapantown, @shadu11 about 2 hours ago
  • Dropped off @shadu11 @ SJC. ..have a safe fly!!! 33 minutes ago

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