Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Salem Harbor

This past Sunday, Allie and I headed over to Salem, MA.  We had brunch at this place called Scratch Kitchen, where the theme seems to be that they make everything from scratch.  The food is fresh, with local (North East) sources.  I had this plate called the Frenched Elvis that combined french toast, bacon and peanut butter.  Surprizingly good.

We headed over to the harbor to catch a ride on the Fame.  Fame is a replica schooner that takes tourists on a 1.75hr tour on Salem Sound.  Though the tour isn't technically narrated, the captain tells the story of original Fame that captured many enemy merchant ships during the war of 1812.  If you are so included, you can also participate in some of the sailing tasks.

Here is Fame on the satellite map.

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After returning to Salem, we had an early dinner and then walked around.  There is a lot of charm to Salem.  Their harbor area is a little touristy, but not crowded with annoying people, at least on this weekend before the big 4th of July holiday. We had a fun and relaxing time.

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