Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Patents issued, so far

A while a go, I realized that there's events which I've added to Facebook but not my own blog.  Anyway, I'm going to add some of that now.  Here's a list of my issues patents so far.

Generation Of Section Views Cutting Lines With Automatic Constraints
United States 9,465,894
Issued October 11, 2016
Intuitive method to create section views on CAD drawings utilizing inferences and indicators at various locations to automatically generate and constrain the section view cutting plane.

Creating a broken representation of a computer-aided design model
US Patent number: 9,870,436
Issued: Jan 16, 2018
Inventors: Matthew Lorono, Robert Siegel, Sachin Darwatkar, Rupesh Kumar
A computer-implemented method and system create computer-generated three-dimensional (3D) models in a broken state (broken view representation). To create a 3D model in a broken state, an area of the 3D model in an unbroken state is removed to create the 3D model in the broken state and a mapping between the 3D model in the unbroken state and the 3D model in a broken state is implemented to enable operations performed on the 3D model in the broken state to utilize data defining the 3D model in the unbroken state. The mapping maintains a relationship between data defining the 3D model in the unbroken state and data defining the 3D model in the broken state.

Annotating Real-World Objects
US Patent number: 10,013,506
Issued: July 3, 2018
Inventors: Blake Reeves, Eric Hasan, Matthew Lorono
New patent has been issued for Blake Reeves (first-named inventor), Eric Hasan and myself. The basic concept is the ability within augmented reality environment to interact with a real-world object by using its 3D model counterpart. This allows the user to add annotations on-screen that appear attached to the real world object, but are based on the 3D model counterpart.

Automatic Generation Of Dimension And Tolerance Information For Fastened Components
US Patent number: 11,163,916
Issued: Nov 2, 2021
Inventors: Todd Jarvinen, Clay Tornquist, Matthew Lorono
Given a source component with dimensions and tolerances, the dimensions and tolerances are automatically applied to mating entities of a target component such that fit is insured without interference when the both components are manufactured at worst case, or at the extremes of their tolerance zones.

My first two design patents have been recently issued for ornamental design of the user interface for feature control frame fields within a computer-generated tool used to create and edit computer-generated representations of GD&T/GPS symbols.
US Design Patent number 1: D941,861 / Patent link
US Design Patent number 2: D943,619 / Patent link

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