Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Thursday night

Last Thursday was a lot of fun. I went out to downtown San Jose with Jenn and Reba. We had intended to go to The Gl?. However, we got distracted and ended up at Zoë. I was surprised how big Zoë is on the inside. I remember the old place at that location being about 1/3 of that size. It has three dance floors, and open patio and a sizeable lounge area. There was aso billards, but this isn’t the kind of place I’d come to play billards. Later, we ended up at the Agenda. We had a good time. (Just a note: the DJ sucked that night.) Later, Nick and his buddy showed up, plus some more of Jenn’s friends. Cuz of all the dancing, Jenn’s back was a bit sore at the end of the evening. Other than that, I believe we all had a great time.

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