Monday, August 23, 2004

Last Thursday

Last Thursday was a lot of fun. Miriam was her ol' self again, at least for one night. Miriam, a friend (I'll call Nick) and I met up with another friend (code name Enga). We started out by getting to Music In The Park (San Jose, CA) just in time to see Three Days Grace?s full set. They played the favorites, plus. It was a quick set though...ended after just 30 minutes. It was free, so no complaints. :)
We had dinner on the patio of a near by restaurant. We had a great time eating, dining and chatting. After dinner, we walked around to try to find a club or two. We couldn't find the one we were looking for, and our back-up choice had just closed down. :( As we are walking around the closed club, I hear music pumping from somewhere down the street. So, I start to follow it and we end up at this one ghetto place. It had just opened that week. Even though Enga, Nick and Miriam are all in flip-flops, they let us in (with $5.00 cover). It was pretty damn empty.
Didn?t matter to us. I was DD, so I was just drinking cokes. Everyone else was just drinking. We played some pool. We did some dancing. Nick and Enga did some makin? out. When the club closed, I drove Miriam to her place and dropped her off. Nick went home with Enga. ::wink wink:: ::nudge nudge::
Goodnight. :)

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