Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I've discovered a lot since I freed myself of the shackles of willful ignorance that is Christian Fundamentalism. Here's a couple of examples.
First, I'm glad I work at a biotech company. It has allowed me to be view the science behind modern biology first hand. Guess what, evolution is true. Our society now has practical uses for the knowledge that evolution gives us! For example, knowing the real origin of an identified infectant allows for quicker development of treatment against it. Willful ignorance of this is equivalent to believing the Earth is the center of the Universe. Modern day reject of evolution by Protestants is very similar to Protestant rejection of Copernicus' heliocentric model of the Universe in the 1500's. It's interesting to note, it is the Protestants that rejected Copernicus, and it was the Catholic Church that accepted him. In our time, the Protestant faiths are waging a similar war against evolution, while the Catholic Church declared that evolution does not contradict the bible. Anyone see a pattern developing here? :)
Second, the Bible and all revered ancient texts are not infallible, nor are they the word of God. There are many completely wrong statements, absolute contradictions, and bigotries that fill the pages of these ancient writings. An example of a false statement, the Qu'ron says (in no uncertain terms) that the Earth does not move and that the Sun moves around the Earth. In fact, the Qu'ron not only states that falsehood, it makes use of it as a justification for further false conclusions. An example of an absolute contradiction, the Bible clearly states two separate and completely different creation accounts. Christian traditionalism and fundamentalism both try to claim that the two accounts are merely a retelling of the creation with a different flavor, or that the second story is somehow a continuation of the first story. When read with a critical mind, the two stories are completely different, and directly contradict each other (not to mention how much both contradict reality).
That's enough of that for now.


Anonymous said...

between you and stupid evil bastard.. man, oh man, its a wonder more people haven't come to the same conclusions. Tis the season to post about such revelations I suppose. Be cautious of the over frantical religious right telling you how wrong you are. NOT ME.

FCSuper said...

lol, Duly noted. Let'em come. >:)