Saturday, December 11, 2004

Gift giving strategy this year...

This was going to be a comment reply, but it got so long, I figured it qualified as its own blog entry. :)
Last year, I used online purchasing with dropping shipping a lot. My strategies and intentions are different this year. I did a lot of discount buying of DVD's thru Columbia House this year. They don't do gift wrapping (not that I would pay $4 per gift for that service thru other sites anyway). They also don't drop ship (or at least it's a pain in the ass to get them too). It all worked out. I was able to get enough credits to get myself the last James Bond box set ($100 value) for free, and I'm averaging $11 including taxes and shipping for recent DVD releases. Everyone wins. :)
For the more important gifts (like jewerly) , I feel its best to delivery in person anyway because makes it more meaningful.


Mickey Glitter said...

I do almost all my Christmas shopping now online - it's easy and I don't have to battle the crowds. An added bonus is not paying sales tax, although I do pay shipping. I'd rather pay shipping than taxes, so it works out just right.

Plus, I really really dislike the crowds!

fcsuper said...

Cool. I did about 80% of my shopping online this year at Columbia House, Amazon, and Red Envelope.